Tips for Gulf Coast Travelers Affected by Hurricane Isaac

As part of its commitment to customer service, is working with partner hotels to assist Gulf Coast travelers who may have plans disrupted due to Hurricane Isaac. partner hotels are activating flexible booking policies in parts of Florida, Alabama and Louisiana to help travelers in need of making last-minute travel changes as the storm impacts the Gulf Coast region. Travelers who’d like to utilize flex policies issued by airlines can consider alternate destinations such as San Antonio, Houston and parts of Florida (Jacksonville, Daytona Beach), which have made inventory available and have enacted last-minute offers.

Gulf Coast residents being asked to evacuate the area are also being welcomed by by the cities of San Antonio and Houston.

“Houston is no stranger to the hazards that tropical storms and hurricanes pose to those of us living near the Gulf Coast,” says Greg Ortale, president and CEO of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau.  “Seven years ago this week we opened our doors to those escaping Hurricane Katrina. Just as we have during past storms, I know Houston hotels and our entire hospitality community will welcome our neighbors temporarily displaced by Isaac.”

If you’re traveling and do find yourself stranded due to the storm, here are some general tips to help you through it.

San Antonio


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UPDATE 8/29, 3:05pm

Please be aware: “The San Antonio community is fully prepared to welcome anyone relocating due to Hurricane Isaac”, says Casandra Matej, Executive Director of the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau. San Antonio has a welcoming tradition and will continue. We are here to be good partners to our sister cities.”



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  1. Travelers says:

    Excellent tips!! Because it saves the lives of travelers, those who are effected by hurricane Isaac.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thanks for your feedback!

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