Summer Road Trip Tip #2

Congratulations to our second winner, Ria! Ria shared the following summer road trip tips and story:

A few years ago, my mother, sister, myself and three kids piled into a rented PT Cruisercar and headed to Ft. Lauderdale from Atlanta, GA for a family wedding. I printed the directions from MapQuest and we headed out in the morning.

Tip 1- rent the right size vehicle. I was wedged into the door with a baby in my lap and 2 whining tweens squeezed in back with me. To this day I don’t know how I survived this. Next time we’ll splurge for the minivan.

After about an hour we realized we were headed north instead of south- thanks mapquest!

Tip 2- don’t forget your GPS

After driving for hours the baby began to cry incessantly. It turns out he had a stomach ailment. We had to find a drug store to get some Mylicon drops and of course, without directions, it took us forever to find one.

Tip 3- don’t forget your first aid kit especially when travelling with children.

We finally get to Ft. Lauderdale- it only took us 24 HOURS!

The next challenge was to find a budget hotel. We picked up a hotel finder book at the gas station and at 2 a.m without directions, tried to find a hotel with a great deal- we were short on cash, what can I say? We finally found a LaQuinta Inn and the manager was so sweet Рhe gave us an excellent deal on a room.

Tip 4- book a room ahead of time

So we made it to the wedding the next day and spent the next night in the hotel. When we woke up the next day, we had a flat tire. We called the emergency number in our car rental agreement and they said they would come out to fix it for some exorbitant fee (we didn’t purchase any coverage when we first rented.) We ended going to a local tire repair shop to save money but talk about the aggravation!

Tip 5- Join AAA. Trust me- it’s worth it!

When we made it back to Atlanta three days later we were exhausted and all agreed that the next time we would do things just a little bit differently.

Ria, we’ll contact you soon about collecting your prize!



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  1. Tracy P. says:

    Those tips were good ones, that just like you I have learned before, the hard way. Congrats Ria! :)

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